YP NeXus is always on the lookout for new opportunites for our members to further develop their careers. This professional developer series brings in speakers from within Xerox to discuss how to work better within Xerox and get ahead.

Webster is home to YP Nexus and has had a wide variety of Professional Development activities including...

  • Lunch and Learn - Hosted by fellow professionals - March 2013/July 2013/March 2014
  • RG Conlee's Roundtable who is Chief Innovation Officer for Xerox Services - October 2012
  • MCWA and YP NeXus Professional Development Joint Event: "Panel Discussion on Mentoring" - April 2012
  • “Xerox – Strategy – Transformation and Growth” - Jennifer Jackson, Director, Corporate Business Strategy - November
  • “Career Shifts with Self Assessment” led by Tonya Love (Area Manager, Xerox Research Center Webster and President of Black Women’s Leadership Council) - August 2010

At Xerox's Corporate Headquarters in Norwalk, a group of Young Professionals has regular sessions with Xerox's executives. Some previous sessions have been with...

  • Stephen Cronin - President of LEO for Xerox Technology - 12/03/12
  • Barbara Basney - VP Global Advertising - 01/17/13
  • Karen Arena - VP, Global Public Relations - 02/06/13
  • Joe Mancini - CFO, Xerox Technology (now Xerox Chief Accounting Officer) - 03/28/13
  • Cam Hyde - SVP, Global Accounts Organization - 04/12/13
  • Bala Sathyanarayanan - VP of HR and Business Transformation, Xerox Technology - 06/18/13
  • Grant Fitz - CFO, Xerox Technology - 06/24/13
  • Mike Feldman - President, LEO - 12/13/13