Peer2Peer creates a venue for career development opportunities, awareness of Xerox organizations, networking, and sharing of project work and interests. The group facilitates professional collaboration. Members of the group are encouraged to promote their interests, discuss career development and opportunities, and learn about other young professionals’ organizations and projects. Peer2Peer mentoring focuses on topics such as:

  • Career development- How can I improve and advance?
  • Sharing opportunities and networking- What job opportunities exist within the company?
  • Awareness of Xerox’s organizations- What is the rest of Xerox doing?
  • Sharing project work- What are young professionals working on?
  • Sharing interests- What would you like to know more about?

Join the Peer2Peer network!

Partnered with The Women’s Alliance, Young Professionals NeXus provides a mentoring program as a way to continue its focus on the professional and personal growth of its members. This program is facilitated by a web-based tool where mentees enter in the preference for areas of expertise and receive a list of potential mentors. The mentee then establishes and maintains a relationship with the mentor of choice.

There is a $35 fee associated with using this service.

Please contact Elise Kanaley ( for more information