Norwalk Chapter

The Norwalk Chapter of Young Professionals NeXus was created because of the recent influx of new/early career employees seeking guidance and professional support from peers. The group function is to welcome, integrate, and promote professional and community development for new/early career employees.


Juanita Olguin

Vice President

Khadijat Gbenro

Communications & Event Planning

Rebecca Goletz

Engagement & Outreach

Kirsten Foulke
Wilsonville Chapter

YP NeXus is currently in the process of setting up a new chapter in Wilsonville, OR


Regan Cronin

Vice President

Patrick O'Connor

Social Events Lead

Audrey Oldenkamp

Professional Development

Ashely Threlfall

Member Engagement Lead

Gordon Iverson

Community Engagement

Stephanie Paustian
NYC Chapter

Are you interested in YP NeXus and work in the NYC area? Let us know if you're interested!

Toronto Chapter

Are you interested in YP NeXus and work in the Toronto area? Let us know if you're interested!

Rochester Chapter

Home to the largest contingent of the young professionals, the Rochester chapter is also where Young Professionals NeXus started. The Rochester chapter holds various events including holiday parties, professional development seminars, volunteer activities, and various outings into the Rochester area.


Alissa Santucci

Vice President

Kate Black


Elise Kanaley

Operations Manager

Ella Humphrey

Personal / Professional Development

Sarah Vollo
Maggie Hoo Kim

Social Events

Mollie Hamilton

Communications and Marketing

Esha Malviya

Community Involvement

Lead - Alissa Santucci
Lead - Ahna Shaffer

Website Administrator

Ahna Shaffer


Kate Black


Robert Zhang

Starting a new Chapter

If you wish to start a chapter you should Contact Us. YP NeXus is looking to expand our presence through all of Xerox, but we need your to help. We can provide years of experience and resources, but we still need leaders in different locations to step up and organize chapters.

Young Professional NeXus is a Xerox sanctioned independent employee group that exists to aid in achieving company diversity & inclusion objectives.